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aff skydiving course

AFF Skydiving Course (Accelerated Free Fall) is by now the perfect teaching method for anyone who wants to turn an astonishing feeling into a sport. Only two weekends of jumps, preceded by a day of theory classes ( Ground Training) are enough for everyone to start jumping on their own in a safe way. Read here below how it works.

If you wish to fly not just with your fantasy, AFF Skydiving Course is what's right for you

become a skydiver in a 2 weekends time

1° aff jump

Ground Training and 1° jump
  • Signing up AFF course
  • Ground training
  • 1° jump from 4200 meters
  • Equipment rental
  • Parachute packing
  • Jumps of instructors
  • Video of the jump
  • 1° AFF level certification

aff course

Complete AFF course
  • Signing up AFF course
  • Ground training
  • 7 jumps from 4200 meters
  • Equipment rental
  • Parachutes packing
  • Jump of instructors
  • Video of 7 AFF jumps
  • AFF licence release

aff course +

aff course + wind tunnel
  • Signing up AFF course
  • Ground training
  • 20 min. of wind tunnel
  • 7 jumps from 4200 meters
  • Equipment rental
  • Parachutes packing
  • Jumps of instructors
  • Video of 7 AFF jumps
  • AFF licence release

aff skydiving course

If you want to become a skydiver, the next step after a test jump done with the Tandem method is the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) Skydiving Course.
This accelerated teaching method, imported into Italy from the United States in the early 1980s by our skydiving academy, aims to achieve maximum student achievement with minimum expenditure of energy and money.
The AFF Skydiving Course brings you from scratch knowledge to be autonomous in the free fall flight, in the management of your jump, then altitude control and parachute opening, finally in the management of the canopy flight until landing; as well as in emergency maneuvers in all phases of a jump.
A really quick and safe teaching method!

Uscita da aeroplano con allievo AFF
Istruzione in caduta libera ad un allievo AFF

how skydiving work

It starts naturally with an initial lesson called Ground Training lasting about 8 hours, in which the student learns and develops free fall flight techniques, learns about and uses the equipment and procedures for flight and landing with a wing profile parachute.
He practices emergency techniques to have a 360 ° preparation on everything related to a solo jump.
The student is followed step-by-step throughout the course by an AFF instructor, who will then transfer the teachings from the classroom to the flight, accompanying him to a higher awareness, that of human flight.
At the end of the Ground Training the student is ready for the last practical tests of exit from the aircraft and its 1st jump.

let's move on to the jumps

The AFF course includes 7 free fall flight, 3 of which with 2 instructors and the following 4 with one instructor only.
In the first phase you will learn the position and the flight attitude, the altitude control and the parachute opening ; in short, the security foundamentals. In the following 4 jumps you learn the flight in 3 dimensions, the stable exit from the aircraft, the flight and landing procedures with the canopy up to perform a jump in complete autonomy.
The AFF method is very safe because it requires that the student is never alone in all phases of the jump, from getting on the plane, to free fall, to flying with the parachute and landing; phase in which the student is first directed then only assisted via radio by an instructor up to the ground approach.
A video camera mounted on the helmet of one of the instructors records the student’s entire jump in order to see him together in the debriefing classroom, evaluating the improvements to be made in the flight attitude and operating procedures.
There is no faster and safer method in the world to learn the art of human flight.
At the end of the course the student will be able to jump on his own by starting his personal path towards the wonderful disciplines of this exciting sport.

Discesa con il paracadute a profilo alare


Our school uses a detailed teaching method which deviates significantly from the traditional one, in terms of completeness and acquired notions. The student follows a specific path supported by a high level istructor, until its own autonomy is reached. The result is a flying quality and an acquired confidence which is really hard to obtain through the traditional AFF Course.  Contact us and find out why you should choose “Primolancio”!


Everything you need in order to start an AFF Skydiving Course is some courage and a lot of freedom spirit.
The School will provide you with all the necessary equipment for the course:

  • Customized skydiving suit 
  •  2 two-way radios (connected to the instructor on the ground)
  • Skydiving googles
  • Wrist barometric altimeter 
  • Gloves (during cold seasons)
  • Skydiving kit (bag, amateur canopy, backup canopy, automatic opening system)


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Fill out the form below to subscribe the AFF Course, you will be contacted shortly by an instructor who will give you all the information to start. For any info contact us at the contact details above.