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advanced course

This section illustrates the advanced parachuting courses offered by our school which, having highly qualified and authorized personnel directly from Enac, carries out Qualification and Specialization Courses for Skydiving Instructors and courses on the use of basic and wing profile parachutes and advanced.

tandem instructor

The Tandem Instructor rating is an Enac italian IP Qualification Specialization and is issued by an Italian IPE Enac (Parachuting Instructor Examiner) qualified by the manufacturer of the tandem system for which the “Tandem Instructor” “Rating” is to be obtained.
The Tandem Instructor Specialization enables the skydiver to perform tandem jumps with non-skydivers passengers.
Our School Director is an Enac-enabled IPE Tandem and can issue Tandem Instructor “Ratings” for builders:
– UPT (United Parachute Technologies) for Sigma, MicroSigma, Vector 2 systems
– Strong Enterprises for Dual Hawk and TNT systems.

– Italian IP qualification
– Good flight skills and experience in sport
– Minimum number of candidates: 1

aff instructor

The AFF Instructor qualification is an Enac IP Qualification Specialization issued by an IPE AFF (Skydiving Examiner Instructor) and enables the skydiver to carry out AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) parachuting courses and to jump with parachutist students in free fall.
Our School is authorized to issue this qualification and organizes AFF Specialization courses at the request of at least 2 candidates.
It is also possible to follow the preparation course for the AFF Instructor exam which includes the “Proficiency Card” and the training necessary to successfully take the exam.
All under the expert guidance of an AFF Examiner.

– Italian IP qualification
– Very good flight skills and experience in sport
– Aptitude for teaching
– Minimum number of candidates: 2

italian skydiving instructor (IP)

The IP Skydiving Instructor qualification is the basic educational qualification to access the Tandem and AFF Specializations.
The path is developed in 2 phases:
– 1st phase: Flight tests with exercises in free fall and landing
– 2nd phase: Written test and frontal theoretical lesson.
The IP qualification authorizes the skydiver to carry out traditional parachuting courses and to conduct the training activity in an Enac certified Parachuting School.

– Skydiving License since 3 years
– DL Special Certification since 18 months
– Good flight skills
– General culture and knowledge of the sport
– Teaching aptitude


The aerial videographer is generally used in skydiving schools for carrying out video footage in free fall of the various subjects that need video footage: tandem jumps, AFF jumps, multi-element formations in the various disciplines, tests for the achievement of the parachutist license .
The videographer is an important figure for schools and contributes to the smooth running of the flight activities as well as to the safety of the jump itself.
The legislation does not require an ad hoc qualification to shoot video in flight but it is strongly recommended to follow a course to develop the necessary skills and acquire the correct technique to ensure the safety of oneself and the subject being filmed.
Our school carries out courses for Videographer following a very specific method dictated by our twenty years of experience in the field.

– 200 jumps minimum
– Good flight skills


The basic canopy flight course includes an in-depth training in the use of an airfoil parachute and includes a theoretical didactic part in the classroom with videos and slides and a practical part with exercises in open parachute flight and landing, the latter filmed by instructor.
The theoretical part accompanies the skydiver towards a greater understanding of aerodynamics and its effects on the piloting of the wing, the characteristics and diversity of materials, the use of risers and controls and the various techniques to improve flight and landing.
Theoretical part in the classroom: 6 hours
Practical part: 5 jumps

– AFF Course completed

jump director

The Jump Director (DL) is the Special Certification (CS) that allows access to the Course for the Qualification of Skydiving Instructor (IP).
It is released in two versions:
– Jump Director limited (free fall students)
– Jump Director FV (rigs with bridle rope).
The DL is the first real NON-instructional qualification that brings us closer to the responsibility and operation of an Instructor.
Necessary for anyone wishing to approach the world of the Skydiving School.

– More than 100 jumps
– Skydiving License since 18 months
– Attitude to and responsibility

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