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SKYDIVING in LOMBARDIA - piemonte - liguria

Our new structure is located in M. Bovone airport in Alessandria in order to renovate the exclusive jump experience in an excellent location. The airport has a long and glorious history which started at the beginning of the 30s and which is made of aviation and skydiving exploits. A place where you can breathe a scent of victory.

"Primolancio" skydiving school changes its location from Casale Monferrato to Alessandria.


M. Bovone airport in alessandria

3 minutes from A21 ALESSANDRIA OVEST highway exit
5 minutes from Alessandria Railway Station. Alessandria is easily reachable by car and by train, it is less than 1 hour far from MILANO-TORINO-GENOVA-PIACENZA

Free shuttle service for those who arrive by train.

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Pilatus porter

alessandria airport

M. Bovone airport in Alessandria is a green oasis right in the middle of the city, located in the noth-east side. It allows us to enjoy its beauty by flying over it with the open canopy; a rich and immersive experience. The flight over the city is the most emotional gift that this sport could give us.

Cittadella Alessandria

EXPLORE Alessandria

Come and experience your flying adventure with us. Alessandria offers you a weekend of good wine and Piedmontese cuisine for a quality experience. Being in flight over the city of Alexandria surrounded by the magnificent landscape and the presence of the magnificent Citadel. The Citadel of Alexandria is one of the greatest European monuments in the context of the permanent fortification of the 18th century, one of the few still existing and certainly one of the best preserved in Europe.

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