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skydiving milan

The skydiving school closest to Lombardia.
In this section you will find all the information about our Skydiving School and his facilities.
We are open all year round from Friday to Monday.

skydiving milan: what you need to know

The “Primolancio” Skydiving Academy was born 20 years ago and after a few years it moved from a little airport to Alessandria airport, its current location.
Since the 80s the period of innovation begins with modern tandem jump techniques, technologies imported from the USA, the first 10-seat turboprop aircraft and the accelerated skydiving course that will distinguish the Academy in the decades to come as the most modern and innovative in Italy.
The years pass, modern skydiving makes its way and the Primolancio changes with him, dedicating its energies to the training of students and instructors and to the tandem method, which  has become one of the most sought-after and exciting adrenaline fun ever.

Pilatus porter

the infrastructure

The Academy, based in Massimo Bovone Airport in Alessandria city, boasts a respectable structure, with a building that houses the offices, the rigs warehouse, the training classrooms and an internal bar generally used in winter.
Outside there is an area dedicated to skydivers with a summer bar, two large tensile structures used for folding parachutes, a reception for registration and an area of lawn with tables and chairs to spend a few pleasant hours watching the spectacular landings of the skydivers in field.
A complete structure therefore, tailored for sportsmen who habitually frequent the area and tandem passengers awaiting their turn at launch.
Obviously families, even with small children, are welcome and find a familiar, polite and respectful environment in which to spend a nice day of celebration.
Being an Enac airport area, pets are not allowed.

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our school

Strengthened by a great experience acquired in all these years and by an entrepreneurial choice of the Academy, we can boast a professionalism and competence above national standards; as the instructor staff is full-time, as are pilots, videomen and packers.
The Primolancio is therefore configured as a professional school, open 7 days a week.
The instructors who operate in the Academy have been trained in the Academy and ENAC certified, as well as CONI Sports Technicians, so as to have an extraordinary quality and competence.
We also boast the presence of multiple national and international champions with over 15,000 jumps, to give the user a service of the highest quality level.

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rigs in use in our school

It is well known that schools often save on throwing materials as they are very expensive.
Our policy is different, we try to offer the highest possible quality not only for the visitors, but also because our instructors can operate in conditions of comfort and maximum safety.
We therefore invite you to visit us at the airport to test the quality of our throwing equipment.
School and tandem parachutes are the TOP worldwide in terms of quality and safety, they are all American-made materials: UPT Vector and Performance Designs, the best on the market and of course the most expensive, but for us the priority is safety , not savings.
Each parachute have an automatic opening system in case of problems, the system is called Cypres and is the best on the market.
If you wants to be the TOP, you must offer the TOP.

Attrezzatura da paracadutista

our aircrafts

The machine that takes us to an altitude of 4200 meters is an Pilatus Turboporter PC6, a 10-seater turboprop 780 hp capable of climbing at jump altitude in 15 minutes.
In the summer stages, a 10-seat Pilatur Turboporter is added; extraordinary machines for power and versatility, aircraft with turbine engines for maximum thrust and operating safety.
We also have the opportunity to take advantage of a splendid helicopter enabled to skydiving AS-350 piloted by our friend Simone Moro.
The jump from the helicopter gives unique emotions and adrenaline from take-off, performed with open doors.
An emotion in emotion!

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