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skydiving in lombardy

As Enzo Ferrari said, it is not easy to explain a passion, you can only live it; but to get you into our sports world we will try to accompany you on a tour guided by images and texts, hoping that you will understand its essence.

Skydiving in Lombardy, Piedmont and Ligury is called "Primolancio" and takes off in Alessandria.

"I passed the course brilliantly and now ...?"

 This is a question that anyone could ask themselves not knowing the sport.
The AFF course is just the way to enter the student in the world of skydiving and then ……… then the real fun begins.


When the student becomes a skydiver, at the end of the course, he basically has an idea of what attracts him most in this world.
“Jumping” becomes a way to life, a way of thinking beyond the barriers of common thought and you enter a new era of our consciousness, all to be discovered, made up of strong emotions, strong friendships and personal fulfillment rarely found in other disciplines.
The jump from the airplane, the feeling of free fall, the “floating” in the wind, are sensations that still in our mind, that fill our days and the sky becomes a friendly and positive place to attend on the weekend which gives us energy and power to face everything.
As we always say in our courses, “skydiving is a mental sport”.

Lancio in caduta libera in formazione a testa in giù

skydiving disciplines

Skydiving is divided into various disciplines, from free-fall formations to multiple elements (4-8-16) where performance is measured in the score achieved in the various mandatory figures, both in flight in a standard position and in the 3-dimensional Freefly.Then there is the flight with Wingsuit, which you will surely have seen in spectacular television footage, where the skydiver’s body transforms into a “wing” and flies in the wind for a long glide down to triple the time spent in free fall .
One of the last disciplines of sports parachuting is Canopy piloting, which means performing extreme maneuvers with very high performance canopies where the competition includes speed landing exercises, distance covered in planing and precision landing.

Discesa con il paracadute a profilo alare


In short, there are many ways to have fun in the air or engage in sports competition, as you can see.
But the essence of this sport is the gesture itself, “jumping out from an plane”. By living the days at the airport and watching the videos you understand how unknown there is in this extraordinary sport, how much there is to learn and, believe me:You NEVER get tired of flying.
After a certain number of jumps it is possible to access courses as a skydiving instructor to become a Tandem pilot or AFF course instructor and realize your dream of teaching a flight subject.
“What about the equipment?” Don’t worry!
For the course everything related to parachutes and accessories is provided by the school. Once the course is finished, it is not necessary to buy a parachute immediately, you can take advantage of the rental school rigs packed and checked by authorized personnel.

Caduta libera sul canotto

The school is easily reachable throught the highway and by public transports from Lombardy, Piedmont and Ligury.
Find your way.

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