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In this section you will find all the information about the tandem parachute jump, prices and booking.Choose the way you prefer and remember that reservations are required.

Tandem jump. Discover the original flying feeling!

tandem jump


Tandem jump
  • 4200 meters
  • 1 minute of freefall
  • 10 minutes of canopy flying
  • Tandem jump certificate


Tandem jump + video
  • 4200 meters
  • 1 minute of free fall
  • 10 minutes of canopy flying
  • Video and certificate


Tandem jump +video + pictures
  • 4200 meters
  • 1 minute of free fall
  • 10 minutes of canopy flying
  • Video, pictures and certificate

The prices shown above refer to weekdays, for information on weekend prices see the “prices” page below


The quickest and safest method to experience the adrenaline of a parachute jump is the “tandem”.
This way to fly allows you to jump out from an aircraft at 4200 meters in free fall for about one minute in total safety, as it is managed by a professional instructor tied to you by a solid harness.
No medical examination or special course are required except a small pre-jump briefing.
Our plane, a 700 hp Pilatus Porter will take you to the altitude in about 15 minutes, from which the great leap will take place over the city of Alessandria, in the splendid panorama of Piemonte.
During the free fall at 200 km/h you will only have to think about having fun and smiling at the cameraman who turns around you, up to the parachute opening altitude at about 1500 meters from the ground0

Imbarco in aeromobile per un lancio con il paracadute tandem


You will experience the thrill of jumping from 4200 meters into the sky for a feeling of freedom never experienced before, believe me.
You will learn that man can fly and move in the air like a bird, float on an air cushion for endless emotion.
No fear, just so much adrenaline running through your body!
At an altitude of about 1500 meters the instructor will open the parachute, which will unfold gently and without strong stresses to bring you into an almost surreal environment, made of silence, wind and a feeling of contentment so pleasant that you will not try in any other way on the earth, because you will be aware that you have really flown and your way of seeing the world will change forever.

Paracadutismo tandem in Lombardia, a Milano
Atterraggio con il paracadute in Piemonte, ad Alessandria

flying under canopy

After parachute opening you can try to pilot it yourself, under the guidance of the instructor, for fun turns and climbs or enjoy the view hanging one kilometer from the ground.
The landing will be very gentle as the wing profile parachute glides like a landing plane and the approach to the ground is gentle.
You can choose to have a video and pictures service to fix your experience in images, also the excitement of seeing a videographer skydiver who rotates around you during the free fall is remarkable.
Flying is a unique and unrepeatable experience, do not miss the opportunity.
All you need is a pinch of courage and a great desire for freedom, because as Will Smith said after trying the tandem launch:
“The most beautiful things on the life are beyond your fears”.
You can see here the video of his story:

discounts are available for groups

jump done certificate

If you wish, following the tandem jump, you will be able to receive for free an official “Certificate of Jump” personalized with your name, date and place of the jump, to be framed and hung in the living room or office.
In the event that you make a gift, in addition to the memory of the experience and the eventual video of the jump, it is pleasant to receive a document attesting your experience, perhaps printed on a beautiful parchment paper, which completes the attention and care that only a professional school can give you.
Remember to enter your correct email when booking and confirm your intention to receive the personalized Jump Certificate.
Take advantage of it, it’s free.

Attestato di partecipazione al lancio in tandem con paracadute

Watch our adrenaline tandem jump video!

special events

Do you want something unique and surprising to make your marriage proposal?
We can organize for you a launch with a wedding proposal, an engagement or a surprise with the public, we are at your disposal with a suitable structure for the occasion and many ideas for your magnificent gift.
Also if you want to organize an exclusive party we can arrange a day in the week dedicated to you, with the possibility of catering and refreshments.
The ideas are many, it’s up to you to implement them. Contact us for more information and quotes.

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