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Alessandria - Italy

The Skydiving Academy “primolancio” was founded in 1965 and since then has maintained the distinction of being one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in Italy, as well as the most professional in terms of school and training. Discover our fantastic flying world.

tandem jump

Do you really want to fly?
Come and try the tandem jump with an instructor, maximum fun and adrenaline, maximum safety. Find out how easy it is, call us now or book.

from 170€

tandem gift

Do you want to make a really special gift? Give a fantastic emotion in flight, with the tandem jump. We send you a “Gift Certificate” to print.
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FROM 170€

aff course

If you want skydiving to become your sport, the AFF Skydiving Course is for you. Accelerated Free Fall.
1 day of Ground Training is enough, 7 jumps with our instructors and you are “ready to fly alone”.


Enjoy our tandem skydiving video!

why choose us

The “Primolancio” Skydiving Academy is a leading organization in Italy and abroad for what concerns sports parachuting; in the early 80s he brought modern parachuting to our country and since then has been operating as a leader in the school sector and in the development of this sport.
The instructor staff is ENAC qualified and includes international champions with over 15000 jumps. A place where safety and fun merge with passion, the quality of the staff and the rigs are the spearhead.
For your flight experience, rely on real professionals, who know how your safety is worth.


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Certified school Enac N° .........

The Primolancio Skydiving Academy, like all its Instructors and Examiners, are ENAC Certified, an official guarantee of active safety.

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Affiliated ASC - CONI

Our organization is affiliated to CONI through ASC and our instructors are qualified CONI Sports Technicians. Guarantee of professionalism.

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The school is open all year round.

Every day since 7.00 to 21.00

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